Organization team

Frank Rövekamp (Event Director)

Oliver Orschiedt (Tournament Director, Webmaster)

Lukas Vyletel (Assistant to the Tournament Director)

Daniel Toebbens (Finances)

Jochen Drechsler (Referee, Webmaster)

Richard Rödel (Transmission technology)

Monika Pfaff (Chairman of Shogi Deutschland)


Staff: Julian Baldus, Michaela Baumgarth, Lena Pakull, Oliver Richter

Referee committee

According to FESA rules "A referee committee must be selected in advance, and a list of referees must be made available to players before the start of the tournament. The referee committee must have an odd number of members (3 as a minimum)." This committee consits of

  • Jochen Drechsler (Germany)
  • Mariusz Stanaszek (Poland)
  • Thomas Pfaffel (Austria)

According to FESA rules "While referees may be allowed to play during the tournaments, at least one person must remain available at any time to receive players’ complaints, queries or claims. This person must be identified in public so that all tournament participants know who they can contact. In case of dispute, this person may call the referee committee at any time to resolve the issue." This person is

  • Daniel Többens

If he is not available or busy, the following persons will help

  • Frank Rövekamp
  • Oliver Orschiedt

Special thanks ...

... go to our friends from Poland, France, the Netherlands and Austria for their support with clocks and shogi sets.