english · 17. July 2018
There is an option to have lunch at the Cafeteria. Tickets must be purchased by Friday 9:30 at the latest. Read more about the menu offer.
english · 13. July 2018
We have now specified the rules for the Team Tournament.
english · 05. July 2018
We are happy to announce that professional players will join the ESC/WOSC.
english · 01. July 2018
We now have more than 100 participants! And it is still more than three weeks to go! See here for the list of registered players!
english · 25. June 2018
On Saturday, July 28, we invite you to join us at the beer garden 'Loretta am Wannsee'.
english · 25. January 2018
The website for the ESC / WOSC is now officially online. We look forward to your feedback.