Team Tournament

The Team tournament will be arranged on 2018-07-25, the day before the start of ESC/WOSC. It is open to teams of 3 players. These teams may be national teams, with 3 players from the same country, or a mix of players who decide to play together.


We have an extra check-in desk for the team tournament. At this desk only the teams are registered. The entry fee has to be paid at the main check-in. To register a team, the captain must complete a form with the name of the team and the three team members and submit it to the team check-in. If you do not have a team yet, you need to search for teammates on your own. In this case, you should be at the venue early.


The team tournament consists of four rounds. Since we will have more than 16 teams, we have to play Mac-Mahon system with two groups. The grouping is based on the ELO average of the teams. For players without ELO number this is estimated by the tournament management.

The thinking time is 30 mins + 30 sec byo-yomi and all games will be rated.


Each team must appoint a captain and receive a form to record the results. At check-in, the captain must enter the team line-up in the form. After each round, he enters the results and compares them to the recording made by the opposing team. Then the captain of the winning team reports the results to the tournament management. After the fourth round, all forms will be filled out and returned to the tournament management.


Team “boards” will be ordered according to ELO ranking on the day of the tournament. The highest ranking player will be designated as Board 1, the second highest as Board 2, and the third as Board 3. No change of order or player replacement can be made once the tournament has been started.


Furigoma is performed by the highest ranking of the Board 1 opponents. Based on the result, sente and gote are defined as follows: if Board 1 is sente, then Board 2 is gote and Board 3 is sente. If Board 1 is gote, then 2 is sente and 3 is gote.


Placement criteria are used in the following order:

  1. Number of team points (including MM point)
  2. Number of board points
  3. Sum of the number of team points (including MM point) of the opponents (SOS)

If no decision can be made with these criteria, the team with the youngest player wins.


We wish you much success!



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